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Udaipur is the Venice of east, culturally rich city and one of the most talked about cities of romance, culture, and traditions where travelers flock to from different parts of the world. Accommodation in Udaipur is not limited to exquisite havelis or 4-star properties but there are a number of places and heritage hotels that offer a scintillating and comfortable stay for every tourist coming in the city for leisure, business or relaxation.

For all the tourists who are entering Udaipur, the city of lakes, palaces, havelis, nature, and amazing culture, finding an appropriate place to stay at can be a tedious task. There are multiple arrays of best places to stay in Udaipur but the priority has to be the one that offers you the most comfort and value for money. Before you choose the perfect accommodation in Udaipur, here is a list of important facilities that any hotel or luxurious resort must provide for the traveler to have a safe, comfortable and leisurely stay in the city that has beauty in each corner.

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    Here are the facilities that the best places to stay in Udaipur must offer:
    Free Wi-Fi: Believe it or not, but the internet has taken up our social life like a storm and it is nearly impossible to live without the internet unless you are a caveperson. The moment you enter a hotel, you need to check the booking, places to visit, places to eat at and all the necessary information is available on the internet for a productive trip. In such cases, accommodation in Udaipur should provide free wi-fi to every guest for an informative stay.
    House Keeping: Nobody likes to stay in a dirty room even when you are at your own home and if you are paying for the best accommodation in Udaipur, housekeeping service is a prerequisite. This includes cleaning the room, replacing towels and linens, providing water bottles and other services when the guest requires. Untidy rooms are not acceptable and the guests may give feedback on various portals which isn’t good for the hotel’s reputation and guests’ experience.

    Complimentary Breakfast: In-house restaurant can be a little pricey for the travelers who are coming to Udaipur on a tight budget. For them, a complimentary breakfast or a welcome drink is an added advantage. Most of the best places in Udaipur and other accommodation in Udaipur offer this service to all the guests which become a highlight to those looking for a comfortable stay without burning a hole in the pocket. Guests prefer simple breakfast that they can have in the room itself.

    Television: Television is one of the most important commodities that everyone wishes to invest their time in. When guests travel, after a long period of time exploring the city or being out, a relaxing time watching TV in the room is something that has its own fun. When finding the best places to stay in Udaipur, TV is a requisite for many.
    Workable Washrooms: All the guests prefer proper washroom facilities, hot and cold shower available 24*7 and a toilet that is fully functional in the hotel rooms. When guests come to a new city, they indulge in exploring the city and irrespective of the weather outside; a long proper shower rejuvenates the tired bodies and relaxes the guests. Also, complimentary toiletries available in the hotel washrooms are a must. A proper hygiene kit consisting of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and soap kept for the guests is a perfect treat. A compact kit pleases the guests and offers practical use of the same.

    Early Check-in: Because a number of guests come to travel to Udaipur, hotel booking is mostly done online. Much accommodation in Udaipur has a fixed time to check-in and check-out but in a practical scenario, guests do not arrive in the city at the stipulated time and that causes a problem if the accommodation in Udaipur isn’t flexible enough to allow earlier check-ins. Keep in mind, that many of the best places to stay in Udaipur don’t charge for early check-in and allow guests to stay who have reached early if they inform the staff accordingly.
    Swimming Pool: If you are traveling with family or friends then there is a possibility that a swimming pool will be the biggest advantage for the travelers who are arriving in Udaipur for leisure. Even those corporate guests can have a relaxing time dipping in the pool after a long meeting. Some of the best places to stay in Udaipur have swimming pool facility that functions throughout the year.

    On-Site Restaurant: Many people who are traveling to Udaipur come for a short duration and those from nearby states come over the weekends as a getaway. It is usually wise for the guests to do Udaipur hotel booking at a place that has an in-house restaurant or café that serves food, light snacks or even beverages at odd hours of the day. One of the best places to stay in Udaipur serves multiple cuisines in its restaurants ranging from local to international cuisine.
    Laundry: Again, guests and travelers come to the city with limited baggage and after the day spent in exploring the city and getting to know the streets of Udaipur, one would get their clothes dirty. In that scenario, the best places to stay in Udaipur would have laundry services at the best prices to be taken advantage of. Most of the luxurious hotels have these services which the guests can opt-out if not required but having the service available is an advantage.
    Lift: People travel light while some travel with heavy suitcases. Also, old people travel to Udaipur and in such places, lift or elevators should be available for easy access to the upper floors of the hotel. Lift is a modern day comfort as many people now prefer to take the lift rather stairs.
    AC: There is no traveler who doesn’t like AC in the room, be it summer or monsoon. AC room is one of the top amenities that the guests prefer to be available in the accommodation in Udaipur.