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Hotel Meenakshi – Best Family & Budget Hotel In Udaipur

A family and budget hotel is what one aspires for at any tourist place. Do you know why?


Most of the tourists and visitors in India love to travel with their family and loved ones. And If we count on the number of tourists living and traveling in India, you’ll find that more than 60% are family people.


That’s the reason many of the tourist places in India are offering budget and family hotels for everyone. Many of the hotels advertise through hoardings, banners, and digital media that they’re a family hotel in every kind.
We at Meenakshi Hotel, also believe in meeting all your budget and family needs right from check-in to check-out, and even after revisiting.
Here, in this article, we will showcase all our top characteristics of being a family and budget hotel in Udaipur. Also, you will get to know why Hotel Meenakshi is the most preferred hotel in Udaipur.


Top 7 Family & Budget Characteristics of Meenakshi Hotel

Location, Location, & Location


Meenakshi Hotel is located in one of the significant areas of Udaipur, known as Hiran Magri. The following are the reasons why this location is a plus point for tourists looking for family hotels:

• Hiran Magri is a safe, secure, and prominent area in Udaipur region
• Besides, it’s the residential area with one of the major markets, hospitality, and other facilities
• The hotel is situated near Narayan Seva Sansthan, an eminent NGO of global reputation
• Located at the central sector four roads, which is easily accessible for anyone visiting the place for the first time

These are some of the significant reasons why Hotel Meenakshi is easily accessible for any tourist. And also, it has become the first choice for many visitors who have already visited Udaipur.

Home-Like Features

If a property feels like home – obviously it would be loved by every member from the visitor’s group. Meenakshi Hotel meets and provides all the reasons for home-like characteristics that one will appreciate.
We provide complimentary breakfast, free wifi, tea-coffee maker, daily newspaper, round-the-clock housekeeping, and various other facilities which will make you feel like home.


Also, we do care for your drivers and workers and provide them with restrooms and separate accommodation. Many tourists love the facility, recommend it to others, and show a great level of loyalty by staying at our hotel every time they visit Udaipur. We don’t believe in bluffing; rather, the love and care for our customers reflect on the services we deliver.

Extra Value-Added Services:

We’ve experienced that our family guests are highly appreciative when provided with some value-added tips. Hotel Meenakshi believes in customer loyalty, and so, we give additional value-added services and offerings to our guests.
These offerings may include locker services, discounts, post-paid discounts, vouchers, and free access to selected amenities, in-house restaurant offers, laundry offers, and much more…

Cleanliness to Extreme

Hygiene is always a top priority at Hotel Meenakshi. Parents like to stay in a clean environment complemented with freshness when they are traveling with their babies. They want floors with no stains, clean tables, and other utensils to be honest and tidy.
Moreover, they also expect the room with clean bedsheets and apparels. Also, the very next thing every tourist or family member checks is the toilet and bathroom – whether it’s hygienic or not.


Our staff checks on every aspect of the hotel continuously, ensuring everything is in the right place. You don’t have to worry about all such issues. Just check-in quickly and hassle-free with our services.

Friendly & Helpful Staff

It is one of the significant characteristics in family and budget hotels. Staff with polite behaviour and helpful nature are more likely to be praised by family members visiting the hotel.


Hotel staff should know how to deal with member queries and the effective solution should be given in time whenever there is a problem. Helping family members with their babies, asking them for any help, offering them water, etc. are the salient features of friendly and helpful staff.
At Meenakshi Hotel, guests are welcomed warmly, and we try to keep them happy and satisfied with every reason. Also, guests are more likely to appreciate our staff which you can read in our review section.

No Additional Charges

Many hotels charge unnecessary costs for every little thing during the check-out process. It can create a feeling of disrespect in guests visiting the hotel. This kind of experience might prompt the guests to look for alternative choices. They may recommend others not to opt for that particular hotel.


But don’t worry, we charge nothing extra from you. Besides, our policy is to remain transparent with customers and make sure their visit is satisfactory up to their level.

Leveraging Family Fun Wow Factors

If a family is visiting our hotel, we give them ample of ideas on how to go about their trip in Udaipur. We assist them with the list of best family restaurants, best family attraction sites, natural areas, recreational parks, etc.
We help our guests with information on public transportation services (if needed). We give them ideas about different attractions in Udaipur, and much more.


These were some of the family and budget hotel characteristics of Hotel Meenakshi, Udaipur.

Visit us and give us the chance to make you feel at home.