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10 Secret Ways to Save Money while Visiting Udaipur

Hotels in Udaipur Near Railway Station

Have any monsoon or winter vacation plans for a trip to Udaipur? Yeah, everybody likes to visit Udaipur during monsoon and winters. But do you have any idea of planning a trip to Udaipur? If not, you are at the right place buddy!

Go on and explore the content to gain the best ideas for visiting Udaipur and saving your wallet expenses. Although Udaipur is not a metropolitan city that would cost you high expenses but let me clear one thing, Udaipur too can cost you very high for it’s royal and leisure experiences.
Do You Know?

Udaipur was the capital of Mewar region and I hope everybody knows about royalty and dynasty of Mewar. Udaipur has saved its position among the top destinations worldwide. 

You can plan a trip to Udaipur in a very low budget and seek its beauty, or you can plan a trip to Udaipur in a royal budget seeking the leisure of Mewar culture. It depends upon the choices of different people and their financial stability, right?

Today, we are going to discuss a friendly low budget trip to Udaipur for saving unnecessary expenses and exploring the city in details. Try the below-enlisted tips for planning your vacation in Udaipur with a tremendous amount of savings.


Look for hotels in udaipur near railway station One or Two Months before

If you live far distance from Udaipur, then you must look for a hotels in udaipur near railway station one or two months before that will help you save a higher amount of money if planning in a group. Also, if you are nearly 600-1000 km away from Udaipur, you must opt for a train journey. Remember, we are planning a low budget trip and not a luxurious comfy trip with all facilities.

Book Your Stay Near Transport Facilities

You must check on for hotels in Udaipur near the railway station or bus stand. This is one of the most important aspects as it could reduce a huge amount of transportation cost. A hotel in Udaipur near bus stand or railway station would allow you to stay in the centre of the city. Also, you could have a glimpse of walk in the city area and explore for yourselves.

Book Budget-Friendly Hotel in Safe/Main Locations

Everybody, eyes here! The hotel booking should be done within the main areas of Udaipur city like HiranMagri, Udaipole, Surajpole, etc. If we talk about a budget-friendly hotel in HiranMagri area which is very close to all transportation and other facilities, Meenakshi hotel would be the prime choice for everyone.

Carry Your Own Food & Beverages

I know this is a catastrophic task to be done as everybody like grabbing outside or local food of the town. You can do that for once in a day but not every time when you feel hungry. Try to carry your own food and snacks. You can do this by renting a hotel with kitchen facilities. Also, if you are exploring with kids then definitely you have to bear a lot of expenses to fuel their stomach.

Avoid Minor Expenses

While travelling and exploring, shopping is mandatory for ladies and now it’s common in males too. Purchase only one or two items as a souvenir from the “City of Lakes” to make your trip a memorable one. Usually, people buy a bunch of things which are not likely to be useful and they are even charged for high prices.

Don’t Go Over Budget

I know it’s a human tendency to go with the flow when we are on a trip. But not in the case of a budget-friendly trip. Suppose, you see a place with cool kinds of stuff happening around there, you must go on. But remember to be aware of people around you who can ask you to pay off extra for nothing.

Bargain for Every Little Thing

Bargaining is a type of art and not everyone has the ability to bargain. And yes, one should not bargain everywhere but only where you feel like. Tourists visiting Udaipur are fascinated by its shopping market. Let me give you a pro tip on this. Bargain like you are a local in this town or you are an expert. You will see the results.

Enjoy Scenic Beauties than Expensive Restaurants

I know it’s hard to stop your heart going for a place to have dinner at the lakeside restaurant. Feels like missing something or incomplete. But you can enjoy your snacks or a cup of coffee near lakeside shore and enjoy the peace of places like AmbraiGhat, Hanuman Ghat, Rani Road, Pichola Lake. Believe me, it will make you feel more amazing and romantic than those costly restaurants.

Explore Walking

The central areas of Udaipur including the old city, ghats, city palace, mesmerizing temples and scenic beauties are all at a walking distance from each other. Go explore by walking and finding in the details of each place saving you from fuel expenses. Udaipur is a great place for stopping at one of the ghats and enjoying the peace around there.

Create a Budget & Stick to it

We always splurge uncesseraliy where we should not and at the end of the trip, we find ways to save money. Why couldn’t we stick to a budget and also treat ourselves for a hassle-free trip? It is better to create a perfect budget and stick to that budget only for keeping yourself on track.

Final Words

Planning a trip to Udaipur may cost both low and very expensive in different perspectives. As already said, it depends upon the matter of choices. If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip to the “Venice of the East” it will never cost you high as you think. The only thing required is proper planning, budget creating, and sticking on it.