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How to Book Hotels at Lowest Prices in Udaipur


There is not a single month in the calendar year where there are no tourists in the city like Udaipur. During the summer heat, between May and June, there may be a downfall of tourists but the city of lakes invites people from around the world for a wonderful stay in a city that is rich in culture, traditions, beauty, and romance.

Places to Visit in Udaipur

Many people travel throughout the year and some find time off their busy schedule to select a city, find the hotels in Udaipur in advance and book them for a pre-planned staycation. One of the best ways to get a discount on the reservation of the best hotels in Udaipur is to book early. This is true that the earlier you book the Udaipur hotels, the better are the chances for you to get the discount. Hotels ensure that the number of bookings made exceeds the hotel’s breakeven point so as to gain profits. Many Udaipur hotels release a specific number of rooms in advance at low cost in the market to encourage guests to make reservations.

In other cases, booking the best hotels in Udaipur at the last minute can give you significant discounts as well but this happens only when the hotel hasn’t received the desired number of bookings in that particular month or season. But the question arises as to how and when to book the hotels in Udaipur, Rajasthan to get the best and the lowest price. Any good vacation starts with a good place to stay, which is worth the money shelled out and the booking is done without any hassle.The following are the best steps to find out how you will be able to find the best hotels in Udaipur within the best rates.




The very first step is to make a to-do list for the upcoming vacation. You have to plan as to how you will spend the time in Udaipur; whether to explore the city, visit museums and havelis, and indulge in shopping, tasting the food or relax by the poolside or lakeside for most of the days. You may want to do everything as well and for that, you will have to prepare a list so that you will be able to find the best hotels in Udaipur that are located aptly for you to do all the activities. If you are traveling with family, you will have to search for the nearest hotels in Udaipur to local spots for less commuting.



Udaipur hotels are scattered throughout the city and are of varying budget, quality, and taste. Whatever is your budget, you will find a suitable place that will fit your needs and interest and also, serve the rightful purpose. Hotels in the old city are heritage hotels, luxurious hotels, and budget hotels that are facing Lake Pichola or give a stunning view of the sunset and the old city charm. The best hotels in Udaipur are resorts situated away from the main city and offer a luxurious stay. Then, there are multiple hotels in Udaipur that are situated in the center of the city and offer value for money. So, whichever hotels in Udaipur you choose, determine the location of those.


Hotel Facilities


If you are paying for a vacation in hotels in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the priority is the facilities available in that money spent. Besides the basic amenities available in all hotels, other facilities such as swimming pool, free wi-fi, restaurant, cable TV, AC rooms, laundry, 24*7 housekeeping, cleanliness, comfortable rooms, and friendly staff is considered by the guests. All the information in today’s world is available online and on review websites. All hotels in Udaipur have feedback listed online that the guest can scrutinize before booking the best hotels in Udaipur. Ensure that your hotels in Udaipur have the must have facilities.




Setting up a budget is the most crucial yet important task to be considered while booking hotels in Udaipur. Prices can vary from Rs. 500 per room to Rs. 1 Lac+ per room depending on the type of selected hotels in Udaipur. Accordingly, you can search for the best hotels in Udaipur that come under the price range.


Best Rate Hotels

Many websites allow a comparative search of the hotels in Udaipur to provide guests the best price. Rates can vary on different websites because some may include tax and service charge and some may not. It is advisable to do a thorough search on the websites to get the deal or else call the hotels in Udaipur to get the final deal. You can also check for any special promotion available on the website on a particular hotel that you can take advantage of.


Book Now or Later


Many of the best hotels in Udaipur are booked in well advance, so if you are able to check the property with the best price, you can book immediately and not wait for later as the prices may go up. Also, if it is a seasonal time of the year for tourists, finding the hotels in Udaipur that offer the best price is the best bet when done in advance. There are times when you may find cheaper rates on the same hotels in Udaipur for the same time on some other website after you have done the booking. In that case, you can contact them and provide the cheaper rates by the other website and the rate will be adjusted if the policy applies.


Take a Proof


If your hotel staff is unable to find the booking, you can always have the proof on email or a print out of the booking made by you in advance and hand-it-over at the reception to avoid any confusion. Many travelers have come across this problem in multiple cities around the globe and this happens because of external websites doing the check-in and unable to communicate the confirmed booking to the main hotels in Udaipur on time. In such cases, having proof always helps.

If you allow a little time before you take the road to travel to Udaipur, find the best hotels in Udaipur and choose to book the best hotels in Udaipur, Rajasthan, at the best price that offers value for money.