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How to Find the Cheapest Hotels in Udaipur using Google Search?

Are you planning for a vacation trip to Udaipur?


If yes, then you must be looking for a comfy and reputed hotel that fulfills all your requirements. Right?
Have you booked your hotel online or are you still struggling to find the ideal hotel?
Well, in both cases, we have good news for you!
Now, you don’t have to surf through dozens of cheap fare finder hotel websites as we have a little secret of Google search. Besides, you can quickly find your perfect hotel.
Ahem! I hope so many of you may know this if you are an online geek, but still, this article will be helpful to those who don’t know the trick. I guess that’s the reason many people fail to find their ideal hotel.
This technique is pretty good and convincing if you are looking for a hotel in popular areas. Moreover, it will also help you to find any particular discount, vouchers, or deals on a website that you might not know.
We will take this technique in action using Google Search and Maps. So, here is the step by step guide to finding the cheapest hotel in Udaipur.


Step 1: Search Google for “Cheapest hotels in Udaipur.” & Click on Maps

Since you are visiting Udaipur, Google “cheapest hotels in Udaipur” as shown in the image above. After the search engine provides you the result, then click on Maps.
As and when you click on the maps, it will show pop-up pins for the hotels in different regions. If you want to find the hotel in a specific part of Udaipur, you can do the same process for that too.


Step 1 Search Google for Cheapest hotels in Udaipur. Click on Maps


Step 2: Look for Densely Pinned Areas

Step 2 Look for Densely Pinned Areas

If you are visiting Udaipur for the first time and you are not sure which area to pick, this will help you to resolve in which area most hotels are. As the logic says, the region with a greater number of hotels is considered to be more popular among tourists.
Either, if you know the area you want to visit in Udaipur search for “hotels in particular region” you want to visit. And then look for densely pinned hotels in that particular part.


Step 3: Enter Dates and Narrow your Search Area

While finalizing the area (or comparing different regions), enter the date you wish for your stay in Udaipur. In the above image, you can on the left top corner where you can enter the dates.
With dates, you get other filters like the number of guests and max price per night options. With these, you can find out different hotels with their relevance and pricing options.

Step 3 Enter Dates and Narrow your Search Area


Step 4: Use Sidebar to See Hotel Information


Step 4 Use Sidebar to See Hotel Information

As you can see in the above image, I looked for a hotel in Hiran Magri Area, Udaipur. And the sidebar displays a list of different hotels. Now, as you hover on any hotel name, it will pop the pin in Maps. Also, if you hover the mouse on any pin, it will the hotel name in the sidebar.
The sidebar shows all the hotels with their pricing, reviews, and ratings which will help you down to narrow your search. Also, you can compare different hotels in the sidebar by comparing their prices and reviews given by other customers.


Step 5: Click on any Hotel in the Sidebar and Check Prices

As you know, Google automatically lists several hotels and their prices, but as soon as you click on any hotel, it will show you the pricing the range of that hotel on different websites.
Moreover, it will also show if there’s any current special deal, promotions, or coupons available on one of the cheap fare finder websites. Google displays all cheap fare finder websites such as Trivago, Booking.com, Goibibo, and Oyo.

Step 5 Click on any Hotel in the Sidebar and Check Prices


Step 6: Check Ratings and Other Related Links

Step 6 Check Ratings and Other Related Links

The best part – you can go through all the reviews and ratings as given by other guests and displayed by Google. Also, Google shows TripAdvisor, Goibibo, and other platform reviews which will help you to find out your ideal hotel.
So, this is the 6-step guide that will help you to analyze, compare, and find your ideal hotel. Try this technique once; you will find it easy than surfing dozens of other cheap fare finder websites. Find the cheapest hotels in Udaipur or anywhere else in the world using this easy technique.